The true art of DJing is not simply playing music. It is the finesse of connecting with an audience and composing an emotional journey for that audience. Pickle’s DJing styles have been through many genres over the 20 years he has been DJing. Starting out with Drum & Bass and UK Garage vinyl through the teenage years he then started to include Hip-Hop to his DJ arsenal as he progressed on pirate radio stations. The late 20’s saw him delve into the varying genres of House music.  Today you can find him showcasing an eclectic mix from Soul & Motown, Disco & Funk to House & Techno. His truest connection to music remains centred firmly around records that capture emotion, are able to depict a particular concept or thought and can move people. Private Pickle will always aim to energise an audience with music that has the power to connect and move.

“I’m not trying to jockey disks; I am blending through emotion” Private Pickle