Are you co-ordinating a unique event? Need the perfect ambiance at your special occasion? A headlining DJ in your festival line up?

Look no further!

Music & art festivals, sporting events, food & beverage festivals, birthday celebrations, bar mitzvahs.. Private Pickle has collaborated with them all. Curating an energised playlist for a specialised event is always an exciting challenge and one Mr Pickle thoroughly enjoys.

Some events may require a professional front of house audio & microphone set up with background ambient playlists and quick stings for presentations. Others may need feel good vibes to partner your guests whilst they peruse the festival stools. All the way through to a full feature creative DJ set at a music festival. Pickle has delivered them all!

What does his DJ service cost?

Events between Augusta and Busselton are charged from an hourly rate of $125. Events outside of this area may have a relative fuel charge included.

What does the service include?

Private Pickle has a full industry standard PA set up including 3x Turbosound speakers, mood lighting, DJ booth, microphones, feature decor and all relevant DJ equipment. Depending on the event brief, all is available for use.

DJ + Live Performance

Do you wish to add some extra live flavour to your event? Pickle has an experienced working relationship with both a professional percussionist in Leeroy Bongo Brown and professional saxophonist Lindsay Baker.. together they are the infamous west Australian live act ‘Bunnyjuice’. Live performances will be charged accordingly to include other musician fees

Let’s talk?

Every gig whether a beer festival, a special birthday or music festival will entail an appropriate consultation. I want you to get to know my passion, my professionalism and my delivery whilst together we ensure your brief remains centred as I structure my performance.

You can use the Contact Form on this website to send over a message or contact me at the details provided below.

Look forward to meeting you!

Event & Festival Experience Includes: 

South West Craft Beer Fest, Busselton  – 2016, ’17, ’18

Emergence Creative Festival, Margaret River  – 2016, ’17

Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Festival, Margaret River  – 2017

South West Mudfest, Margaret River  – 2017, ’18

Adios Skate Park Fiesta, Margaret River – 2017

Bunbury Fringe Festival, Bunbury – 2018

Ningalens Festival, Exmouth – 2018

Whaleshark Festival, Exmouth – 2019

Blazing Swan Festival @ Papazahns’ Camp, Kulin – 2016, ’18

Balingup Spring Picnic, Balingup – 2016

Papazahns’ Nouveau New Year, Brookhampton – 2016

Papazahns’ Over the Rainbow. Brookhampton – 2017

Blazing Swan Festival @ God Said No Camp, Kulin- 2018, ’19, ’23

Blazing Swan Festival, Papazahns’ Camp Core Crew, Kulin – 2016, ’18

The Wild Campout, South West – 2018, ’19, ’20, ’21, ’22

Blossom Festival, South West – 2020, ’23


Are you part of a festival co-ordination team? Are you looking for creative DJ’s to form part of your production line up?

Within all of Pickle’s musical projects and endeavours, Arts & Music Festivals hold a truly special place. Cultivating his DJ craft in the UK meant that music festivals and events played a key inspirational roll in his musical creativity. Therefore, expect nothing less than a fully energised, give everything behind the DJ booth, musical journey as a performance from Private Pickle.

Want to get a feel for some of his live DJ sets? Then check them out on his MUSIC page or go directly to his Soundcloud page.

Get in touch?


private pickle papazahns blazing swan

“Robbie ‘Private Pickle’ Southgate is one of the most exciting DJs I’ve seen in the south west. Confidence to take on any dance floor at any time, infectious energy from behind the decks and a deep understanding of music are just some of the reasons I’d recommend this DJ to anyone.”

Jeremy Bos – Papazahns Camp, Blazing Swan

“Rob/Private Pickle was such a pleasure to work with during the Emergence Creative Festival 2016. We used him at a number of our satellite events and on all levels was extremely impressed. Organised, easy-going and understood the vibe (often changing) of our audience and got the party started when necessary. Will definitely be using him again!”

Erin Molloy – Festival Director, Emergence Creative Festival